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IPD Latin America provides customized energy consulting services to global oil, gas and power companies, governments, and financial institutions.  Our tools and services help clients navigate the key Latin American energy markets of Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela. 


For more than ten years, IPD has helped clients create and achieve successful business strategies within these high-potential markets.


Regional Presence, Local Focus


IPD's consultants live in the countries we service.  IPD offers customized analysis with critical insight into the micro-issues and nuances that can profoundly affect the success of business strategies.  By building solid relationships with key local industry players, our consultants are able to provide on-the-ground information in real time – available to clients on-line and through direct contact with our team. 


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Special Projects

Regional Stakeholders Maps for the Departments of Meta and Vichada in Colombia

IPD’s Regional Key Stakeholders Map is a focused decision-making tool structured to inform, analyze and provide insight on O&G opportunities and challenges in the department of Vichada, Colombia. The map also provides insight into the key actors that determine, shape and influence the success of a business operating in the department.

Natural gas supply and demand analysis for Venezuela
IPD’s natural gas supply and demand analysis for Venezuela is available for both national and regional gas balance modeling. For those companies investing in Orinoco Belt heavy crude projects, IPD offers specific analysis of gas supply for secondary oil recovery as per joint venture business plan requirements.

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